When I wanted to buy a 3d model of the Parthenon for a project, I was amazed at the total lack of correct proportions of the offered 3d models. So then I did some research myself and built a model.


The Parthenon is a Greek Temple still standing on the Acroplis in Athens. It was build between 447 and 432 BC.


It is seen as the most specific example for the Doric order. The model is without the Parthenon sculptures. Although there are some few ornaments as a Griffin, a Anthemion, a lions head and a Antefix.


Various sources have been consulted to create the most accurate model possible.



Vitruvius: Handboek Bouwkunde

Marie Beard: The Parthenon

Robert Adam: Classical Architecture

Michael B. Cosmopoulos: The Parthenon and its Sculptures

Jenifer Neils: The Parthenon Frieze

Joan Breton Connelly: The Parthenon Enigma

Acropolis Museum: Various Publications

Brittisch Museum: Various Publications


It is created in Blender, 3dsMax and 3DCoat

There are normal maps used for surface detail. There are additional maps in Black & White for height, bump or displacement.


By the way, this model is for sale as a digital file.

Formats: Blender 2.8 , 3DsMax 2018, OBJ and FBX


For   100 $ or 90 Euro

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